Success stories and therapy reviews from previous Apex Practice patients

‘I don’t know how professionals like you get acknowledged. Is there a way that I can nominate you for an award or an accolade? Please do let me know if there are any forums where I can attest to your competence. Thank you so much for all of your support.’
PH, West London - 2016

‘I feel so much more in control of my emotions, much less tearful and anxious, and much happier which evidences the good work we have done together.
I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the help you have given me. I didn’t realise how much anxiety and anger I was carrying around with me until it was gone!! You have helped me to change my life and for that I will be forever grateful.’
AM, South London - 2016

‘I am managing my emotional health very well now. I think you would be very proud. I am (and sometimes surprised now at how naturally I recognise and manage any triggers). I do not believe I would be in this position without having had the benefit of your help so thank you Raymond. I am happy and now living what feels like my true life. Long may it last!’
JO, West London - 2016

‘I really appreciate everything you have done for my wife and I, and quite frankly the dramatic change that you have helped us achieve in our relationship. We are getting on fantastically well now and have done so since our initial meetings. On the balance of things I am very happy with what we have achieved with your assistance and I am glad to say that the problems we had have now been rectified. Thank you for all you have done’
EJ, Central London - 2016

‘I truly feel that we do have rapport so I have confidence that we are going to succeed with the objectives which have been set. I have never engaged in therapy before. It is not hard for me to trust you but this is the first time in my life I have ever been asked certain questions so directly. It's the first time that I've openly admitted certain things to myself, let alone anyone else. I am looking forward to working with you.’
MB, East London - 2016

‘You are a master of your craft … you have helped me understand myself more than I have ever done before.’
FF, North London - 2016

‘Thanks so much for your help and support it really is life changing’
GJ, South West London - 2016

‘I just wanted to say thank you for trying so hard to help us save our relationship. It meant such a lot and I found your advice truly helpful.’
LJ, Herts - 2016

‘I've been checking in with Dad regularly regarding his progress and he has been telling me how much he feels he has been benefiting from his sessions with you and generally sounds quite upbeat and positive on the whole, which is great. I have spoken with my brother and sister about his treatment and we all remain positive and optimistic about Dad's progress. We do all really appreciate everything you are doing for Dad.’
HL, Central London - 2016

‘I just wanted to contact you about my mother-in-law in order to get the ball rolling with me giving her the confidence to see you. From my own experience, I wouldn't want her to see anyone else, because I know she's in safe hands with you.’
MC,Essex - 2016

‘I really appreciate your comforting support and encouragement, this is what I have been missing. I am so glad to feel that someone is now really listening to me. I have trust in your therapy and I am beginning to feel the difference within myself’
TL, Eygpt - 2016

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