A unique assessment from The Apex Practice that is structured around you and your personal circumstances

Your assessment

All new patients complete a comprehensive pre-treatment assessment. This will provide us with a real opportunity to listen carefully to the concerns and problems that our patients present with. This process normally takes 1hr 30 minutes during which time strong bonds of communication develop between the therapist and the patient creating rapport and mutual trust. Needless to say rapport and trust are key essentials in helping to bring about recovery.

The pre-treatment assessment is far reaching in its questions probably stimulating thoughts about past experiences that the patient has not been consciously aware of for some time.

The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London can help you on your journey in restoring your physical and mental wellbeing.
15 minutes to change your life, call 0207 467 8536 for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you

15 minutes to change your life, call for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you

The assessment covers a number of key areas as follows:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder check list
  • General Health Questionnaire
  • Anxiety and Depression Scale
  • Impact of Events Scale
  • Profiling
  • Personality Belief Questionnaire
  • Life Management Skills
  • Patient Comfort Assessment Guide
  • Visual Analogue Scale
  • Pain Rating Scale
For patients attending for pain management we will also at the pre-treatment assessment determine the suitability for non-invasive biofeedback neuro-stimulation therapy, allowing the patient to experience at first hand the immediate benefits of this treatment.

Fees for all of our services

1. Preliminary telephone consultation
  Free of charge

2. Pre-treatment comprehensive assessment
   (1hr 30 minutes)

3. Therapy session
    (1 hour) 

4. Audio Downloads
    Free of charge

Our assessments are in-depth and well-structured for a unique insight into your particular circumstances
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