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6 early warning signs that you need couples therapy
Relationships have highs and lows. They ebb and flow. You don’t need a therapist every time the tide recedes. You have probably learned how to resolve everyday conflicts.

But what if you can’t work them out? What if you have been waiting for ‘better days’ far too long?

Here are some early warning signs will benefit from couples therapy at The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London.
1. You keep having the same arguments

Here we go again. You have the same arguments time after time. It starts innocently enough, but inevitably ends without resolution. You are locked in a vicious cycle – a cycle in which one of you blames and the other defends, one partner advances and the other partner retreats.

We will help you to uncover root causes – the vulnerabilities that are your real triggers. We will help you break the deadlock.

2. The silence is deafening

You are in full retreat. You may both be aware that there are serious issues in the relationship, but neither of you are admitting it. This deadly silence makes matters worse.

We will offer you encouragement and the strength to address the problems and help to resolve them.

3. Your sex life is lacking

A lack of emotional intimacy has led to physical withdrawal. She pretends she is asleep when he crawls in beside her, and she has stopped caring about the pretence. Sexual intimacy is a measure of emotional health. Its lack will indicate that intimacy is missing, or that sex has become a tool of power or revenge in a broken marriage.

4. Nasty quarrels

Your every exchange is marked by acrimony and sarcasm. You both find fault with everything. There is permanent tension. There is no give and take. Kindness has left the relationship and often sense of humour goes with it.

Needless quarrels are signs of discontent. You have lost faith in the other’s love, appreciation and commitment. We will help you to reconnect and refocus on the things that really matter in your relationship.

5. You are on the road to nowhere

It appears that nothing is really broken, but you feel you still need a fix. Your relationship has become impersonal, the love is stale.

At The Apex Practice you will found that couples therapy is a tonic: we will provide the boost that will regenerate your relationship. We will help you to rediscover the origins of your love and affection which will put the spring back into your life.

6. You have fallen and you cannot get up

Every relationship has rough patches, but when the solutions that usually work just don’t, you should get some help.

At The Apex Practice we will not only give you some fresh ideas, but we will also help you to hear each other in new ways. It’s a fact that we can all become deaf to our partners. We stop seeing and hearing our loved ones just because we have seen and heard it all before. At The Apex Practice we will help you to learn and to listen on a deeper level, and hear even the unspoken word.
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Based in Harley Street, The Apex Practice is open until 9pm during the week and we can also arrange weekend appointments. We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult for clients to commit to appointments during the working week as a lot of our clients live outside London and the M25 area, including locations such as Guildford and Windsor. We do our utmost to accommodate our clients at a time which is suitable and convenient for them.
15 minutes to change your life, call for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you
You too can start to find peace and understanding where mutual agreement and a caring relationship can be re-established
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