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Helping you break the eating disorder cycle

Eating disorders are a cause of substantial physical and psychosocial problems among adolescent girls and young women.

They typically begin in adolescence and may run a chronic course. Their affect is pervasive since they interfere with psychological, physical and social function.
15 minutes to change your life, call 0207 467 8536 for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you

15 minutes to change your life, call for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you

The different eating disorders

The Apex Practice are well versed in helping individuals overcome their eating disorders and have unique structured approaches that take many different factors of an individual’s circumstances into account in order to help them overcome their eating disorders in a healthy and well-balanced way.


  • The overvaluation of shape and body weight; that is judging self-worth largely, or even exclusively in terms of shape and weight
  • Anorexia is often expressed as a strong desire to be thin, combined with an intense fear of gaining weight and becoming fat.
  • The active maintenance of an unduly low body weight (e.g. maintaining a dangerously low body weight well below BMI guidelines)
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  • The overvaluation of body weight, shape and their control.
  • Extreme weight control behaviour, e.g. strict dietary restriction, recurrent self-induced vomiting or marked laxative misuse.
  • Recurrent binge eating. A binge is an episode of eating during which an objectively large amount of food is eaten and there is a sense of loss of control at that time.
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Binge Eating

  • Patients who suffer from binge eating disorder will tend to overeat outside of their binges. Eating habits of patients with binge eating disorder resemble those of people with significant obesity problems albeit with binges superimposed.
Eating disorders can manifest in a variety of different ways and can be caused by a multitude of connected reasons such as social anxiety, depression, relationship problems or as a format of habit amongst many other complex reasons.
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The Apex Practice can help you deal with all types of eating disorders. Call for a free initial telephone assessment
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