Marriage Counselling - Relationship Therapy from The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London 

What to expect from The Apex Practice
Your decision to attend The Apex Practice for marriage counselling can be daunting. It may begin by a couple making a mutual choice to seek counselling, or it may be one partner asking the other one to attend. For those who have never seen a marriage counsellor before, the first steps can be difficult and anxious.
Couples who attend for marriage counselling do so in different phases of their relationship and at different stages in their life. Some couples may have been together a short time whilst others may have been married for 20 year or more. The stage of the relationship may affect the course of counselling and what you wish to accomplish. Whilst marriage counselling can be short term, couples who have had communication problems in a relationship for many years may not experience significant change in just a few sessions.

At The Apex Practice our marriage counsellor will help you and your partner to identify the conflict issues within your relationship and to help you decide what appropriate changes you need to make. Having patience with your relationship and having realistic expectations about counselling will enable the therapy experience to become fulfilling and will prevent frustration developing within the process.

Entering into marriage counselling with an open mind can help a couple feel at ease and ready to embrace the work of relationship therapy.
15 minutes to change your life, call 0207 467 8536 for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you

Based in Harley Street, The Apex Practice is open until 9pm during the week and we can also arrange weekend appointments. We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult for clients to commit to appointments during the working week as a lot of our clients live outside London and the M25 area, including locations such as Hertford and Chelmsford. We do our utmost to accommodate our clients at a time which is suitable and convenient for them.
15 minutes to change your life, call for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you
You too can start to find peace and understanding where mutual agreement and a caring relationship can be re-established
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